Your inner child

During this pandemic, staying home, I have been feeling disconnected from myself. Who I had become since I was young, had been someone that was manipulated by the social “normalities” and the expectations from society. This came in all forms including body image, what I eat, what I need to do with my life, what I need to do in my free time, etc.

But, whilst alone and having the ability to be away from society both physically and technologically (in terms of turning off social media), I have been able to get back in touch with my inner child. What I enjoy, what makes me different from everyone else, and what only makes me happy without judgment from anyone else, is slowly being returned back to me.

What scares me is that I wasn’t even aware that this was an issue. This may even be your first time hearing about it, as well. It may resonate with you or it may not, which is fine either way. I just chose to share it.

Finding my inner child has been happening both intellectually and materialistically.

If you are looking to discover your inner child again, I highly recommend…

  • Turning off social media for a bit.

  • Journaling about what you used to like to do, say, wear, etc. when you were a child.

  • Taking action to what you used to enjoy or have written down, and see how you feel!

I am still learning and growing from all of this, and have much more inner child work to be done, but it is still a good jumping-off point that I wanted to share with y’all.

I hope you have a good day!


Casey :)

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