Why I Became Vegan!

As I grew up, my diet consisted of all the different types of food groups. I was a “foodie,” as my mother would say, in which I ate EVERYTHING, enjoyed it, and was always open to trying anything new, food-wise. I still consider myself a “foodie” to this day, despite the obvious: that I now restrict any animal products from my diet. Growing up, I was uneducated as to how we got our food, where it came from, and so-on. I was very aware that certain foods had come from animals, but was unaware of the conditions in which humans would take such products from them. I was already saddened to hear of the animals that had been killed for our food, such as steak and bacon, but thought eggs, milk, and other animal products were taken from well-treated, living animals. This was my knowledge up until I had attended an environmental science class.

I was opened up to how certain animal products are taken from their source and the mistreatment that plenty of animals have to withstand (or not withstand) for our own benefit. Alongside that, I had learned of certain products and foods that, in which to get that product from the animal or from nature, the after-effects have been effecting our environment in a negative manner. I don’t want to get into the nitty-gritty of each and every lesson I had learned in that class, and from other experiences (although you might think about educating yourself on your own time). This new knowledge I had obtained truly inspired me to look more into the vegan diet. Yep, that’s right, I skipped looking at vegetarian and pescatarian and went straight to the bone.

I was so curious to try veganism: to see how I would change mentally and physically, and see how I would react to not eating certain foods. Although, when I wanted to start this vegan diet, I was living under my parent's roof, so I didn’t feel it was fair to push the vegan diet on the rest of my family or to ask them for my own personal groceries. I didn’t have enough money at the time to feed myself with my own money I was making at my job. I made a promise to myself that as soon as I moved out, I would attempt the vegan diet. In the meantime, I tried to eat as vegan as possible when I was out in public.

All the years I had before I had moved out officially, had given me the opportunity to dive deeper into my research. I discovered specific meals, vitamins that were essential to take, and was able to even look past the food into the whole lifestyle of being vegan. It had intrigued me, that I was jumping out of my seat to try being, as soon as I moved out (which I didn’t think would be my reaction if I am being honest). As soon as I got to my first dorm for my university, I established I would attempt being vegan.

At first, I had thought it to be just a diet I would stick to for a couple of months, but I ended up really holding on to it. Yes, I have only been vegan for a year, but I have learned so much. It took me a while to become a FULL vegan because you must truly understand that reading labels, and keeping up with new habits, is a difficult thing to get used to. But, as I kept pushing for this diet, I finally got the hang of it.

I always went back to my “why,” which was for the animals and the environment. But, as time moved on, I kept discovering new “why’s.” I discovered how this diet gave me a structure in the way I eat, as I had struggled with binge-eating at times before-hand. It has also made me have a more distinct difference between healthy vegan food and non-healthy vegan food. This distinction led me to choose the healthier options, in which I was beginning to feel better about my body. So, the structure and the healthier options I was receiving, had become more reasons as to why I wanted to keep up with the vegan diet.

I am constantly learning more and more about this diet, and am drifting into the lifestyle, as well. As time moves on, I will make mistakes, but I plan on keeping up with my vegan diet for my own personal reasons, that I thought I would share. I am not attempting to push the vegan diet onto my readers, as I respect all decisions in terms of someone's own decision about their eating habits, but if you feel this post inspired you, I completely recommend trying the vegan diet!

As I continue with this blog, I will be writing more posts and updates on my veganism, as well as some recipes I use daily! Thanks for reading and go have a beautiful day!

Love always,

Casey Murray

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