Trader Joe's Vegan Essentials

Hey everyone! So I mainly LOVE shopping at Trader Joe’s, so I thought I would create a list of the items I really love at Trader Joe’s that are vegan! Even if you aren’t vegan, I highly recommend these products! Happy shopping and eating!

  1. Coconut creamer 

Let me tell ya, I heard this was a popular one so I had to try it out. It is so good! Only 5 calories for a tablespoon and not sweet! I drink this with my coffee every day! If you are a sweet coffee drinker, wait for this one…

2. Coconut & almond vanilla creamer 

This is a sweeter creamer, that I love equally to the coconut creamer! I usually buy both, just so I can have either a sweet or non-sweet coffee in the morning. It depends on how I feel in the morning! I highly recommend it…

3. Vegan kale, cashew, & basil pesto

This one, I was so excited to hear they had. I had been looking for a good pesto that was vegan in many places, and I was so excited to see this one has some kale in it as well! Gotta get in those greens. I truly think if you want to utilize this, I recommend putting the whole container in some pasta to get the most out of the pesto flavor for a dish. 

4. Soy chorizo

Ugh, so yummy. I have missed chorizo since I became vegan, so this is a major plus for me. This is really great to eat with anything at any anytime! I believe it has the perfect amount of spice, as well. I usually make it with some potatoes and beans and can eat it as breakfast! I did put it on homemade pizza one time, and I will definitely be doing that again. It was amazing.  

5. Jumbo cinnamon rolls

I was shocked to find out these were vegan. Even the icing! I was so excited to hear, as it isn’t really shown that it is vegan. Yes, making these in the oven is amazing, and fills the whole house with the greatest smell for the whole morning. But, have you ever put them in a waffle maker? They have such a great gooeyness to them when you put it in the waffle maker, and it is still so fluffy!

6. Sriracha flavored baked tofu 

This is such a great idea because I always struggle properly draining and marinating my tofu! This is ready to eat, so I usually just heat it up and either put it on a salad, a buddha bowl, or eat it by itself. I am a major sriracha lover, so this was ideal for me.  

7. Hashbrowns

These are another amazing breakfast or brunch add-on. These also are such an amazing thing to wake up to, with the smell filling up the house. I like keeping them in the oven a little longer on each side, so the outside gets truly crispy.  

8. Extra dark chocolate wedges 

These are usually by the cashiers, as soon as you are checking out. I love that they are in small wedges, so I can just eat them every now and then to get my “chocolate fix.” It is a great thing to have in your desk drawer, especially during work or study.

9. Rolled corn tortilla chips- chili & lime flavored

Most people don’t even need to read the explanation for this one. Have you ever had Taki’s? These are better, in my opinion. I almost always finish the whole bag, because it is so dangerously good. As soon as you eat one, you can’t stop. I highly recommend these for any gathering, or just a snack on your own!

10. 10-minute farro

Most people actually don’t know what farro is, but it is a grain that has a ton of fiber in it. I love that you can make it so fast, and I like it even better than regular brown rice or quinoa! A good staple to just have in the house. 

Well, those are my top ten! I hope you were inspired to try some of these! If you have any vegan Trader Joe’s items you think I should try, contact me! I would love to hear it. Thanks for reading and I hope you have an amazing day! 

Love always, 


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