The art of just doing

Every day for me can be a constant fight with myself as to if I should actually do the thing I told myself to do that day, or have been consistently doing.

I will wake up and the first thought that will pop in my mind is “I really don’t want to do yoga this morning.” But, of course, I will feel better if I do yoga in the morning, and I know that. But the act of actually rolling out my mat and slowly, sleepily putting on a guided yoga video, doesn’t sound ideal to me.

I will come up with a million reasons as to why I shouldn’t: “it is just my body telling me I need to rest,” “maybe yoga in the morning is not good for me. Yoga during the day is better,” or “actually, I should have coffee before I do anything because then I will feel more like a functioning human,” etc.

I do this, not just with yoga, but also with any other task I have told myself to do, that may be consistent in my routine or not. Of course, this is most common with exercise.

Does any of this sound familiar?

In the end, we all have to realize that each day is not subject to be a day in the week, but it is a singular day in which you do what you want and can do, despite the day before or the day ahead.

An example I have of this is when I was in my first year of college, and I would have rehearsal almost every day, not leaving any time for me to go to the gym. Then, when I wouldn’t have a rehearsal or it would be canceled, I would make the excuse to not go to the gym because “it wouldn’t be consistent anyway.” I remember asking my roommate if I should go to the gym, even though I can’t go the next day or the day after until I don’t have rehearsal again, and she said “yes, you should go. That shouldn’t matter, because you get to work out.”

Each day is separate and should be taken one day at a time, not one week at a time. If you are possibly thinking of not doing something because all the excuses are coming up in your head, just try to do it anyway. You set that goal for yourself, but you also have to follow through. If you don’t follow through with it, maybe set a lower goal for yourself. Just doing something anyway, without thinking about it, will make you feel so much better. It has for me.

If this doesn’t apply to you, I envy you, but I thought I would share my thoughts on this. I almost didn’t write this blog post, because today I am “feeling tired.” But I made this blog, I told myself I would post every Monday, and I am following through with it, despite how many people actually read my blog.

Anyway, I hope y’all have an amazing day!

Love always,

Casey :)

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