My Sunday Reset!

I haven’t done a Sunday reset in a couple of months, based upon my confusing schedule during the pandemic. I didn’t feel I had a stable routine or a proper reason to have the need to do a Sunday reset ritual, but after doing it, I realized how much I needed it. Yesterday was my first time doing it in a while to get ready for the week, and I wanted to share a couple of things I did that might inspire you to do the same on your own Sunday’s to get ready for the week. These are just the things that I need to do or help me get ready for the week ahead, so they might be completely different for you!

1. Laundry

This is always something I do weekly, and it is great to get done in the morning, so you have fresh clothes for the rest of the day!

2. Vacuum and sweep

I have carpet so I vacuum every week as a lot of my hair gets stuck in the carpet so it is nice to have a clean carpet for the week ahead. And the sweeping I do in my bathroom.

3. Wipe down all surfaces

This means taking off ALL things on your desk or surface and wiping it down. I used to cheat and just clean around my items which didn’t really work, so…

4. Plan my meals for the week

I am starting to eat a lot healthier, and planning my own meals for the week will allow me to stay on track, and see what days I can eat less healthy. I also meal prep some items like oatmeal or rice, just to have on hand.

5. Re-organize my drawers

My drawers keep getting messier as I just stuff a bunch in there, and don’t think about because out of sight, out of mind. So I was able to re-organize my drawers to find things more easily throughout the week when I need it.

6. Refold my clothes

My clothes get slowly jumbled and crinkled over time, so it was nice to refold them again and have them organized for the week ahead.

7. Take out the trash

A pretty obvious one, but people forget sometimes…

8. Shower

Also, another obvious one, but for this I really like to take my time and do a full self-care before and after shower routine, because I usually go really fast to get my showers done, and don’t slow down enough. So I really take my time with this one.

9. Make myself look presentable for the day

Makeup, full hair routine, a nice outfit, etc. I felt better to do the tasks and work I had ahead of me.

10. Car wash inside and out

My car gets dirty way too fast, so being able to do this, and get in my clean car for the rest of the week is so nice. I usually just hand wash my car.

11. Write what I would like to accomplish for the week ahead

This puts me on a specific path for the week, knowing what I truly need to focus on and what isn’t going to serve me for the week. I also like to do journal prompts so I know what to look forward to in the week, and to check in with how I feel. I like to do this right before I go to bed.

12. Manifest what will happen in the week or month ahead

I do this right before I sleep, as well, as I am going in a different state of being, so it is better for manifesting. I have been successfully manifesting recently, so I am focusing a lot on the things I desire for the month of December. I truly love manifesting and figuring out the details of what I desire and what I will receive!

13. Meditate

I have been loving the YouTuber Leeor 30-day meditation challenge that she has been doing for November, so I have been doing about 25 minutes of meditation. But doing this on a Sunday and right before December, I had the intention of doing it to have an aligning to my center right before the week and month ahead to be more level-headed for what is to come! Journaling is included in her free YouTube sessions as well, so I have been enjoying that as well.

14. Clear out my music and playlists

My playlists have been containing songs that I have now overheard too many times, so I had to do a detox of my songs to truly have a good, cleansing week of nice music I genuinely enjoy. It definitely has already been good for me, as this Monday continues.

15. Re-organize my notifications and files on my phone and laptop

I didn’t realize how much space useless files were taking up on my laptop and on my phone, so I feel lighter not having them on my laptop and phone. I took off whatever wouldn’t serve me for the week.

16. Do some light yoga

I did this at night before I went to bed, to move my body a bit a do some moving meditation before I would wake up for my week ahead!

This is just what worked for me when I did this on my Sunday, but I hope I inspired you to do your own reset or detox for the week or month ahead!

Love always,

Casey :)


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