My Social Media Detox

My Social Media Detox


At times, I feel very insecure, as do most people in the world. These insecurities are mostly about my body, as well as my productivity.

Do I look skinny enough? 

Am I working hard enough? 

But then I take a step back, and ask myself, “wait, why am I asking myself this?”

Social media…for the most part.  

Of course, other personal factors contribute to my insecurities, but social media is the main culprit, in my opinion.  

Comparison culture is the main concept that comes from social media for me, and I am grateful to have noticed it. A lot of people in our society are immune to see what social media can do to our self-esteem.

Don’t get me wrong, I love social media. I think it is very fun, a good way to connect with people, a great way to show off your work towards others to put yourself out there (especially as a performer), and a beautiful way to educate others on topics (most recently Black Lives Matter, as an example).  

Despite my interest in it, the comparisons I make with other people, their lives, their bodies, and their interests, become detrimental towards my mental health in many ways. It may be different for you, but that is what I have noticed about myself. 

I am glad I can catch myself comparing to others or feeling bad about myself from social media. When this happens, I usually decide on a social media detox, for about a week. I did this last week, and I wanted to share some of my experiences with it, as well as my benefits from it.

  1. I gradually became more accepting of my body and the way I looked, as the week went on. With social media, I constantly see different lifestyles and skinny girls that look so different from me. But, I have to remember, that’s the point. We are SUPPOSED to look different. What exercises and foods work for them, are very different than what my body needs. Also, genetics. Duh. And knowing all of this, it is easier said than done, when you look at a picture of someone who has a body you wish you had. It’s hard to look at that picture of someone else and say, “ya, but I was built differently, so I shouldn’t feel insecure,” and go about my day never thinking about it again. No. That’s unrealistic. It is possible to obtain that mindset with time, education, and self-care, but it is a very difficult mentality, growing up in the comparison society we live in. A social media detox is a good start, in my opinion, to build that positive mindset, without the other people and their pictures insight.  

  2. Speaking of accepting my body more, I had time for self-care! When you get off social media, you realize how much time it takes out of your day. Like, oh, man. I had so much time to journal, takes baths, read, listen to podcasts, take more time with my routines, exercise more often, and most importantly, truly discover what I need for myself to feel good. Not what others are telling me I need, because, again, I am very different from what my body wants and needs than someone else.  

  3. I discovered the wonders of taking pictures for myself, not anyone else. Snapchat is fun, but I found myself taking pictures of my experiences, adventures, friends, etc., only for myself to enjoy. I don’t need to post where I am or what I am doing. I would consciously notice the times I would feel the need to tell all my friends what I am doing and where I am going, because of the internal need to feel and look “cool” and “interesting.” I would let go of that and tell myself that the only person who genuinely cares is me. And that’s okay. That’s on growth. Despite all I’ve said, I will display some of those photos for visuals for my blog, so I guess I am also a hypocrite, hehe.  

There are so many more benefits from a social media detox, which I highly recommend, but I just wanted to share my personal top three I experienced. I hope this was an inspiration to you to get back in touch with yourself, and if not, that’s fine too, because, again, WE ARE ALL VERY DIFFERENT!

I hope you have an amazing day

Love always, 

Casey :)

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