My 6:00 a.m. Morning Routine in Quarantine

Yep, I try and wake up at 6:00 a.m. whenever I can, even in quarantine when I don’t have to go anywhere or do anything. Growing up, I have always loved the mornings and have found myself to be a morning person, which is pretty rare. Especially living in a house with many of my family members, I can have some “me-time” before everyone wakes up. At times it feels as though the whole world is still asleep when I wake up, and I get to wake up with the sun and be fully prepared for the day.

Waking up at 6:00 a.m., I have created a routine for myself that works for me specifically. I have seen many videos and read many blog posts on morning routines that benefit mental health and lead to success, and have incorporated aspects from my research into my own personalized morning routine. If you are trying to straighten up your own morning routine or create some new habits for yourself, I recommend using mine as some inspiration, but find your own routine that works for you. It could be completely different! With that being said, here are a few of the habits I maintain in my morning routine:

1. No snoozing. If I snooze, that is pretty rare for me. It usually indicates my body needs more rest, and I will allow it at times. But if that is the case, I will usually just turn my alarm off for the rest of my morning, allowing my body to take its time waking up on its own. Other than those instances, I have always enjoyed waking up and getting out of bed immediately after my first alarm goes off.

2. Drink a whole glass of water, as soon as I wake up! I have always found hydrating to be significant in the morning, and it wakes me up little by little. I always have my water bottle full next to my bed for the next morning.

3. Make my bed before any other task. I will have accomplished my first item of the day, and my space will look clean and tidy for the day ahead, already. It also removes any temptation for me to sit back underneath my covers and either go back to sleep or sit on my phone for hours lying in bed. Speaking from experience.

4. As I make my bed, brush my teeth, and wash my face, I listen to the news. Some days I will wake up not wanting to immediately listen to the news, especially with everything going on, but I feel as though it is good to know what is going on in the world, always. Even if it means putting my headspace in the news as soon as I wake up. It is a little step into reality after waking up.

5. Meditation. Every morning, I try and listen to my body to see what kind of meditation I really need for the day ahead. For example, this morning I did a manifesting meditation, whilst yesterday I did a quick-moving meditation. At times, I will just sit outside in silence, and focus on my breath. With whatever path I take, I am put into a clear headspace for the rest of my morning, and setting my intention for the day ahead.

6. Yoga! Yes, I already did a post about my yoga experience, but I have found it to be really helpful to do in the morning. My body wakes up, and I am put into a good headspace right after my meditation. I feel the meditation and yoga go hand-in-hand as they both are contributing to a better headspace, as well as helping to set my intention for the day. Recently, I have been using the calendar of yoga for the day from Yoga with Adriene, and have been loving it! It allows me to not have to think about what yoga I want to do that day and discover new practices.

7. Can’t forget the coffee and healthy breakfast! At times, I won’t eat breakfast until later after my morning routine, but when I do, I always make sure it is healthy for me. I have recently been enjoying oatmeal with almond butter and banana, or even just an almond butter and banana toast. At times when I am not too hungry, I will make a green smoothie (after everyone is awake of course, I can’t wake anyone up with a blender!). I always feel so much better throughout the day, knowing I had a good, healthy breakfast set me up for the rest of the day.

8. Journaling and manifesting. I have many notebooks for different purposes, and in the morning I use three of those journals. I have a “one line a day” journal, in which I will recap everything that happened the day before, first. It is a five-year memory book, and I am halfway through my fourth year doing it, so it is pretty torn up, but I gotta stay strong! The second journal I write in is just for my thoughts, my intention for the day, what I am grateful for, and some affirmations! I use it as a diary at times throughout the day, as well. And the third journal is a bullet journal I actually use for manifesting. On some mornings, I won’t always manifest as I will feel grateful for what I have and for what I know is coming my way. But on some days, there will be something I truly have been thinking about and wanting in my life and will need to write it down in the present tense. It also sets me up for the day, making me excited for what’s to come, and what I am working towards.

9. Put on makeup, and get dressed in an amazing outfit! Yes, I still put on makeup and get ready for the day, despite not having to go anywhere or see anyone. I feel more accomplished and am ready to take on the day for whatever needs to get done. If I am stuck in my pajamas all day, I feel lazy and unmotivated to do the work I want to do for the day. Some days, I will allow the no-makeup and staying in pajamas and will give myself a lazy day, because everyone needs one every once in a while. And, not putting on makeup also frees my face from any product, although I usually don’t put on a lot of makeup in the first place.

10. Get started on any work I need to accomplish! I usually don’t look at my phone until all of the nine previous steps are accomplished, and continue to put it aside until I get some work done in the morning. Some of the work I like to do in the morning include drafts of blog posts, checking my email on my laptop, submitting for auditions I am interested in for acting, as well as continuing lessons I am taking on learning the language, dutch. After a few of these are done, I will then decide to look at my phone, answer texts, go on social media, etc.

Then I have an amazing day! It took me a while to create this routine, especially coming straight from a college dorm with in-person classes, to my parent's house with online classes in my hometown. I was stuck at the beginning, but this routine I have created for myself has given me a sense of calm with everything going on, and it works for me which is all that matters! I am curious to hear the morning routines from my readers, as well!

Have an amazing day! You deserve it, always.

Love always,

Casey :)

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