Manifestation works!

For some reason this morning, I had the urge to look at my manifestations that I had written in my scripting journal a while ago. I was curious to see what I had written and what had possibly already come true. And, let me tell you, half of what I had written a few months ago had come true to each detail.

This is so wild to me because before this year, I didn’t even know what manifestation was and how to do it. I wasn’t aware that I could completely control my life and put something out in the universe that I had wanted and received the same energy back.

Now, a lot of you may not believe in it, or may not even know what manifestation is, but it for sure has been helping out a lot. Many people do manifestation in different ways using meditation or other ways, but I prefer scripting.

If you are unaware of what scripting is in terms of manifesting, many people do it in different ways according to their beliefs or what works for them. But, for me, I write a letter in my manifestation journal to the universe giving a thank you for whatever I want. But, the way it is written, is as if what you wanted has already been given to you. You can’t just write what you want as if you already have it and be done with it, though. You must believe that you truly have that thing you want and imagine it in specifics, whilst writing it in specifics.

One of the most specific things I had manifested, I currently have, with each specific perfectly laid out with it.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some things I manifested that I did not receive, but I choose to believe that it didn’t happen for a reason or possibly that it is still ion the makings, and will appear some other day. It will happen in “divine timing” as I have heard many people say. But, looking back at my manifestations, there are a few that I am glad didn’t actually take place. They didn’t happen for a reason, because I am content with everything in my life at the moment, along with where I am.

This inspired me to continue manifesting, as I had stopped for a while, due to a lack of inspiration and motivation to keep trying it out. I hope I inspired you as well, and I hope I will continue my YouTube channel soon, so I plan on making a video of my manifestations that had come true!

I hope you have an amazing day!

Love always,

Casey :)

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