Having a good relationship with money

I have grown up seeing money in a very nasty way. In a way in which is was always the enemy and was always there limiting my opportunities and cousin gmy mental health to spiral.

Growing up, I have noticed I wasn’t alone in this, and wasn’t even aware until recently how toxic this mindset was. I didn’t even know that it wasn’t something that should be normalized and that not everyone had experienced.

Let me know if this is you, too, or maybe even you from the past. Or maybe, this is all new information to you that you didn’t even know was an issue.

Mine stemmed from aspects in my childhood, the friends I was around, my education, etc. All different types of factors led to my belief and view on money.

Only recently, I have been asking myself, “wait, Casey, you are just going to save and save and save, and not use the money you have for its main purpose?” If you have forgotten, money is meant to be spent. That is why it is something we, as humans, use it.

This came from a specific experience that I had shared with my therapist. I told her how I had bought something I have been wanting for a very long time. But, as soon as I bought it, I felt very guilty about it. I thought to myself, “Casey, why did you just buy that? You don’t need it and it is unnecessary.” But my therapist assured me it was okay. I had the money for it, I had wanted it for a long time, and it brought me joy. I don’t buy things for myself very often.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are many instances in which I shouldn’t buy specific things, and it is just consumerism at its finest. The things I want aren’t always something I need to tell myself “hey, since you want it, just get it.” There are times when the things I want are completely unnecessary and should require a lot of thought and insight as to whether it is even a purchase that would be valuable to me in the future, not just a small momentary satisfaction.

I am bringing this up because yesterday, I told my roommate about something I had bought for myself recently. She told me she had admired me for buying the things I want for myself, rather than subjecting money to only use it on necessities that humans have deemed necessary over time. I had my own reasoning to buy this item, in which it brought me happiness, and it had a use that I felt would benefit me in the future. Plus it was cheap and came from a small local business, which is crucial to financially support in these hard times.

I told my roommate that I used to have such a bad relationship with money, and it is still somewhat present, but I have been working hard at unlearning all of the negative aspects of money and how we perceive it.

The only reason money has value, is because we gave it value. Otherwise it is just a piece of paper. That idea truly helps me look at money in a non-stressful manner.

A positive about thinking about money in this positive way, is that it is manifesting abundance towards me, without having to think about it. If I stress about money or feel guilty about it, I am giving money a negative perspective in my mind, which reflects out into the universe, hence putting a negative outcome from money in my life. The money will continue to escape if I keep stressing that “I don’t have enough money.”

If I think about how I am always abundant with money, money is a great and positive thing in my life that helps me survive, and it is always flowing my way, it will. And so far, it has been working.

I hope this post helped you look at your relationship with money in a different and more positive light, and thank you for reading and supporting me!

Have a great day!

Love always,

Casey :)

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