Activities that got me through quarantine!

Keep in mind, these may be VERY different for you, and you may not like what I have to say, but these activities truly helped me stay grounded in quarantine. They also brought back my interests that I had lost touch of, and the interests that came out from my inner child. The inner child is an important concept that I will speak about in another blog post to come.

Without further ado, here they are…

  • Hiking!

Obviously this one has recently been a little more difficult, due to the fires, but I stopped hiking for a while when I was in high school and starting into college. Quarantine has definitely made me more appreciative of the outdoors, whilst we all have to remain inside.

  • Back to cooking and baking…

Especially being a vegan and finally getting to go back home, I was able to get back to my love of cooking. In college, it was only the dining hall for me, which got a bit tough at times. But, being back at home and using a kitchen, I got to experiment with so many new recipes that I was excited about. And, yes, I DID make banana bread.

  • Re-discovering my favorite movies

Oh, the many movies I had seen over quarantine. But at times, it was just something you had to do. But, I DID rewatch a ton of movies and totally forgot the love I used to have for them. Some examples were that I got to do a star wars marathon, a harry potter marathon, and also watch my old favorite movies. I dove deep back into my love for these movies, which slowly brought me back to my childhood self that I didn’t know I had even lost.

  • Organizing all my music!

Music is a major part of my life, and I had to do a deep cleanse to get out the music that might have influenced me in a negative way that I wouldn’t have wanted, or just to weed out the music I wasn’t interested in anymore. Creating different playlists and having the proper songs that would cater to my needs in quarantine, was most likely the most therapeutic activity that had gotten me through.

  • Selling my clothes on Depop

I am a huge fan of second-hand clothing and am trying to ONLY buy and wear second-hand clothes, due to fast fashion. So, being able to sell the clothes I didn’t need anymore or didn’t fit on Depop, it felt good. Plus, it is always nice to gain a little extra cash every now and then…especially when I didn’t have a job.

  • Long drives to coffee shops or food places

Long drives are always my go-to when I need to be alone and just listen to music. This was especially important to me so I could actually get out of my family home. I would set up long morning drives every now and then to my favorite coffee shop, which was about a 30-minute drive away. But it was worth the drive, the coffee, and the much needed time away from my family to be with me.

  • Tanning and reading in my backyard

This one might be silly to some, but just setting out a blanket in the sun, tanning, eating lunch, and reading, was a nice break for me. I constantly make myself busy, so the fact that I took this time for myself to sometimes just lie down in the sun and do nothing, I was very grateful.

  • Picnics with friends!

I was fortunate enough to have my friends not too far away from me, so we could just plan a day at the park with food, social-distancing. I had to see my friends every now and then, so this was a good way to catch up.

  • Working on my craft

Now, for this, this might be very different for multiple people. But for me, this meant working on my acting, singing, and dancing. I started sending in more self-tapes, working on my acting website, taking up my singing lessons again, trying online dance classes, etc. It was very important for me to stay on top of my craft and not forget the significance of why I do it, and why I need to continue.

  • Started a blog!

Yep, I started this blog in quarantine, because I truly have always wanted a blog. I just kept making excuses for myself and would push it off. But quarantine was a great time for me to start it!

I hope these activities might have inspired you to try them out, or you just enjoyed reading! I hope you have an amazing day!

Love always,

Casey :)

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